Are You Exercising? Or Are You Moving Well?

What?  Isn’t moving well exercising?  Or vice versa?  What does this question mean?

I hope you really ARE wondering that right now, because there IS a difference!  Really.  Let me explain.

The fact is we all need to exercise.  No one would deny that fact.  We all hear how important it is to exercise for our heart, our weight etc.  But does exercising, even if it’s one solid hour 5x weekly, constitute moving well?  (Remember that move well is part of our “Eat Well Move Well Think Well Rest Well” mantra for wellness)

I contend that it (exercising as described above) isn’t enough.  Now you’re just mad at me.  After all, don’t I understand how hard it is to get 5 hours a week in?

The short answer is yes, I do understand.  But stay with me here.  If you drive 30 minutes or so to work as most people do (some in the Houston area WISH they only drove for 30 minutes to work), and you work at a job that has you sitting 8-10 hours, and you spend 30 minutes heading home, only to sit on your couch watching the TV or staring at phone/computer screens the rest of the evening, then NO.  You are NOT moving well.  You are sedentary, with the exception of that 5 hours/week.

How do you solve this?  Well you can’t usually change up your drive time much.  I guess you could stop every now and then on the side of the road and exercise, but I wouldn’t recommend that.  I do recommend that you find ways to move throughout the day.  Set a timer on your phone.  Use a fitness band that can tell when you’ve been sedentary (Fitbit lets you know if you’ve not gotten at least 250 steps in an hour).  Get up and bust out a few steps.  Head to the water fountain and bathroom.  Get up and do a set of jumping jacks. I know one person who works from home in front of a computer all day, and every hour he does 10 burpees (that’s pretty radical, but he’s very fit).

At home, because I like to watch some sports on TV, I use the commercials for movement.  I get up and walk to the kitchen, clean up a few things (my wife loves that), or walk to the bathroom and back etc.  There are many ways to get your body moving more.  You just have to get a bit creative.

By the way, I highly recommend fitness bands like the Fitbit.  They are a motivator and great at tracking how much movement you get  on a day in day out basis.  Set goals and see if you can hit them.  Have fun with it.  Do what it takes to move well!

Until next time, be well! (by moving well)

Dr. Bruce


What Exactly Is Health About, And Why Is It So Hard To Attain?

We live in a wealthy country, with some of the best hospitals, cancer treatment centers, doctors etc. around.  We spend more money in our health care system than most developed countries.  Yet we remain in a race for dead last in overall health compared to other developed countries.  We have more drugs and surgeries available than we had 50 years ago, yet we are much less healthy than we were 50 years ago.  Cardiovascular disease is being found in younger and younger people.  Cancer rates are rising  Type II diabetes is becoming so rampant that it expected that 1 in 3 kids born this year (2015) will develop it in their lifetime (note the word “develop”).  Why?  Why are we in such sad shape?

Partly it’s because we have developed a culture that says “for every ill there is a pill”.  Our medical doctors, the largest purveyors of health care in our country, have but two tools with which to work:  drugs and surgery.  While those are great at helping out in crisis situations, they are horrible for helping people attain optimum health.  All drugs and surgery have side effects that are negative.  Neither of them have anything to do with improving health, only helping out in emergencies.

Instead we need to look at our lifestyles. If our genes haven’t changed that drastically in the last generation or so (and they haven’t), but our health as a nation has declined significantly (and it has) then the only option we have for attaining optimum health is to look at our lifestyles.  At HealthSource of Atascocita, we have a tool called the Health Risk Assessment that evaluates our lifestyle habits.  We then teach our patients to eat well, move well, think well and rest well.  Think about this:  Which of the major causes of death (ie cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer) wouldn’t be decreased or erased if we all ate, moved, thought and rested the way we’re designed to?  Answer:  NONE.

Thomas Edison said it best:  The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.  At HealthSource of Atascocita, we concur.


So here it is, my blog.  What will it be like?  Will people find it among all the other blogs and sites out there?  Who knows?  Who cares? (hopefully someone).

I plan on making this fun, education with regards to living your best life.  I give personal stories, important studies, advice, common sense, and challenging thoughts on living life in a way that allows us to show up as our highest and best at all times.  Are you game?  I hope so.

Until next time….

Be well!

Dr. Bruce