Why Does My Back Pain Return??

Many times I’ve heard people or patients of ours talk about their frustrations with their back.  The biggest complaint is that they continue to suffer from recurring episodes of back pain.  Often, as the patient ages, their pain becomes more severe, and the episodes more frequent.  That can be disconcerting to say the least.  Our focus at HealthSource is to help our patients get to the point where the chances of those episodes recurring are as remote as possible.  So let’s discuss why these situations can occur, and what can be done to minimize them.

The biggest reason back pain recurs can be summed up in one word:  Weakness.  Studies have shown that people with recurring back pain or chronic back pain have a group of muscles that need to be addressed.  They are called the multifidi.  They are small intrinsic muscles deep in the back right next to the vertebrae.  They function to create stability so that the everyday micro-traumas, and the occasional macro-trauma, have less effect on the patient.  Unfortunately, these muscles are found to be weak and atrophied (shrunken) in patients with recurring back pain.  So, these muscles need to be strengthened..  Our progressive rehab specifically addresses those muscles to maximize a patient’s spinal health.

Another challenge causing recurring back pain is not following through with a recommended program of care.  Patients sometimes feel they are better before they are completely better.  And when the pain goes away, so does their commitment to finish care.  This leads to incomplete healing, leaving the patient susceptible to further episodes of back pain.  And each exacerbation creates more scar tissue, leading to more challenges for healing to be complete.

Lastly, a patient’s overall health impacts their healing capabilities..  Poor health habits mean poor healing.  It’s as simple as that.  If a patient smokes, is obese, has too much stress, and eats horribly, they will likely have a poorer result compared to a patient that takes better care of their body.  To help with that, we provide a Health Risk Assessment to evaluate a patient’s health habits and help them fine tune those habits to maximize healing.

In short, make sure your care includes proper rehab for your back pain, and you keep your back strong, follow your chiropractor’s recommendations to a “T”, and be sure to keep your overall health rocking for optimum results!

Until Next Time….Be Well!

Dr. Bruce


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