There Ain’t No Shortcuts

Yes, I said Ain’t.  My elementary school English teacher, Mrs. Sims would have a fit if she saw that in my title.  But it just seemed to be the right choice.  I promise I ain’t going to use that word in this post though, so I hope you ain’t deterred from reading further. Onward we go.

It happens monthly, maybe even weekly.  I see/hear of another shortcut for weight loss.  Sometimes it’s a supplement.  Sometimes it’s a weird diet.  Sometimes it’s a weird activity of some sort. And yes, sometimes it’s even surgical intervention (which while I don’t like at all, may be necessary in extreme morbid obesity cases I think).

Well guess what?  I heard of a new one recently.  What it is doesn’t matter, it just goes to show that our Western culture’s infatuation with the shortcut to health still exists.  The magic pill, the long sought for panacea, the fountain of youth, the…….the…..well you get the point.

And guess what?  It probably works to reduce fat and make one look better.  Yep that’s right, they look better.  The key word here is LOOK.  Notice I did NOT say be healthier.

In 1984, I owned a 1973 VW Beetle.  It was a sight to behold.  It was mostly blue.  It had a yellow door.  It had 2 gray fenders.  It had rust.  I spent about 400 dollars to have it reworked and painted, (yes all one color).  It looked much much better, just like new.  However, if I didn’t change the oil from time to time, clean the carburetor (remember those?), change the spark plugs out when needed etc. then the car would die.  It would still LOOK good on the outside, but would be ill on the inside. And no one would notice as I drove it that the engine was about to blow.

Yep, our bodies are the same. In our culture we want to look good on the outside (botox anyone?).  We want the appearance of health so badly, that we focus on the outside instead of on what makes us truly healthy (or for that matter, what makes us truly sick).  So billion dollar industries are created on this farce of health and wellness.  Yes it’s a farce.  And it’s a suicidal farce at that.

The reality of it is, while we slowly commit suicide by lifestyle in our culture by running to the next magic cure, the answer is really oh so simple.  Simple?  Yes, simple.  And if you read any of my stuff you should know the answer by now.  Eat well, Move well, Think well and Rest well.  That’s it.  There is no other answer.  Oh sure, surgery for some of our self inflicted illnesses is necessary at times when things are too out of control.  But that only puts out a fire, it doesn’t rebuild the structure.  My formula listed above does rebuild the structure.  It’s the only way.

Ok, one more time, repeat after me:  There ain’t no shortcut (my apologies to Mrs. Sims).

Until next time… Be Well!
Dr. Bruce