The Perfect Storm For Illness

We are in the perfect storm as I type this.  It is the cold and flu “season” if you will.  I use that term season lightly.  Why?  Because really, do you REALLY think the cold and flu viruses have a season where they come in and invade, then go away?  Really???  Of course not.  Those viruses are always around.  They don’t migrate like geese.

But, there IS a season where we are more susceptible to such critters as these viruses.  It IS now.  The question is “Why?”.

Here’s why.  Truly the key to optimum health is our mantra that we often repeat at our office.  “Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well and Rest Well”.  Is there any disease or illness that wouldn’t be diminished by doing these things better?  I think not.

But during the holidays we do none of the above very well.  We have so many sweets around.  Our exercise schedule takes a beating because we are out of our normal routine often (and weather may contribute as well).  There is a significant amount of increased stress during this season.  And certainly we tend to not get as much rest as we would normally get.

One other HUGE additional factor is Vitamin D3.  It is produced via sunlight hitting our bodies.  Here in our hemisphere we are exposed to much less sunlight right now than during other times of the year.  Vitamin D3 has been shown to be involved deeply in our immune system, and most of our culture is low in Vitamin D.  There are solid studies showing keeping one’s Vitamin D levels adequate is better than a flu shot for reducing the flu, and without potential side effects.

So do what you can to boost your immune system.  Fight to keep your exercise program up.  When you’re not at a holiday party, get some good healthy foods in your system.  Practice reducing stress levels (exercise is a top notch way to achieve that).  Get extra rest when you can, and make sure you’re on a solid Vitamin D3 supplement.

Happy New Year Friends.

Until next year….Be well.

Dr. Bruce.