Living In Reality: Most Everyone Cheats…..

…..on their health related lifestyle choices.  Some skip a workout.  Or if they go work out, they don’t do it as hard sometimes because they’re just not “into it”.  Some eat a fast food meal from time to time.  Some sneak chocolate chip cookies that their wife makes for some kids that came over to visit their own kids (my personal favorite cheat).

It happens.  Guess what, the holidays are coming.  Pumpkin and pecan pies.  Cranberry sauce.  Stuffing.  Busy schedules.  Late night parties.  Stress from shopping.  It’s all right around the corner.


No.  Live in reality instead.

Enjoy some (SOME) of the holiday treats.  Get some extra rest when you have a holiday.  Enjoy your time visiting with family and friends.  It’s all part of life.  Just be sure it truly IS moderation.  Be honest with yourself.

I know I’ll be enjoying some tasty treats, some late night gatherings of friends and family, and I might choose to sleep in instead of exercising at times.  But I think the key is, get right back on that horse the very next day, and don’t feel so guilty if you fall off the wagon a time or two.  Just make sure it doesn’t become your new habit.

Don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t totally deny yourself.  Live life in reality.  Enjoy some of the good things in life.  Just remember to not let the good things totally replace the best things for you.

Until next time….Be Well!

Dr. Bruce