No Gym? No Time? No Excuses (Part II)

Well I’m back to continue this conversation!  If this is the first post you have read of mine, go back and look at THIS post to get started.  Today I’ll go into a few options for exercise both for cardiovascular health and for muscular strength (yes you need both as I’ve noted previously).

Today, personally I covered both in one shot.  Here’s what I did.  I walked.  I walked to the end of my block at a decent pace (it’s a long block, probably took me 3 minutes total to get there).  Then I started a light jog.  I jogged for a few minutes.  Then I went back to walking at a solid faster pace.  Then I jogged some more for a minute or two.  I went back to walking.  Finally I did an all out sprint for about 20 seconds before walking back to my house.  Total walking and jogging time was about 9-10 minutes and I covered just under a mile in that time.

I then got back home and did something called Tabata training.  It’s a great way to get resistance training in and cardio training at the same time.  One round of Tabata takes 4 minutes. I did two rounds (8 minutes total, with a 2 minute break in between).  I promise, it gets your heart rate up and I worked upper and lower body, as well as my core.  There are a lot of variations you can put together to ensure you work your whole body.  That’s the great thing about it.  You can get creative and do pushups, crunches, squats, planks, jogging in place, triceps dips or whatever you feel like doing.  My whole workout today took me less than 30 minutes.  Again HERE is the link to learn about Tabata work.  Start slowly with it and if you can’t complete a full 20 seconds of one of the exercises, it’s ok.  It really is.  Where you are physically isn’t near as important as where you are going and if you keep up your program, you’re going to great places.

Another option is something called the 7 Minute Workout app.  Here is a link to that program.  You can get this app for free and it holds your hand and walks you through the program.  It consists of 12 exercises that you do for 30 seconds (remember, if you can’t do 30 seconds of one or more of the exercises, just start where you are and build up).  There’s 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise and the app literally tells you out loud what is next, when to start and when to stop.  So simple!  If you get to where you can do the 7 minutes easily, move on to doing another round of the workout.

All of this can be done in your own home.  If you travel for work, these things can be done in your hotel room.  I meet several times a year with a group of chiropractors, and sometimes the 7 Minute Workout is how we kick off our day. There’s an endless supply of alternatives you can do that are out on the internet.  Variety is a key for fitness, and to keep from getting bored, which is a problem for me.  Whenever I notice I’m skipping a workout, I know that I’ve become bored with the routine and it’s time to change it up.  So, the final question is, what will you do for YOUR fitness?  Remember, start where you are.  Let me know what you end up doing!

Until next time…Be Well.

Dr. Bruce


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