I Live Well So I Can LIVE WELL

So after posting a picture of a healthy meal on my social media feed the other day, I was asked an interesting question that led to the opportunity to speak my heart.  The comment/question came from a fellow brother in Christ, and it had to do with living healthy in regards to our time on earth.  The specific question was (in summary) “Why focus on living so healthy and trying to live to 100 years old when Jesus could come back any day?”.  Fair question.  Off the mark though on the reason I do what I do.

I don’t care how long I live.  Ok, well that’s not entirely true.  I have kids that are still growing up, the oldest just going off to college.  So, I’d like to stick around spaceship earth for a while longer.  Truthfully I envision me living to 85 or 90.  But honestly, like most of you, I don’t want to live that long if the last decade or so is spent as an invalid.  See this short (literally 1 minute) video to get this point:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo6QNU8kHxI

My response came from a Christian perspective, and a perspective impacted by the book “Every Body Matters”.  I don’t eat well, move well, think well and rest well so that I can look beautiful (I’m 50 and aesthetics has gone out the window with regards to my reasons for living healthy).  I don’t attempt to live well to push death away. I live well so that I can LIVE WELL.

And iff I believe as a Christian that God has plans he wants me to accomplish (and I do believe that), then I better be ready.  I better not be hindered by degenerative diseases caused by lifestyle that keep me from being able to perform at the levels I need to (or that HE needs me to).  I don’t want to focus on how many years I can get out of life, but how much LIFE I can get out of the years He has planned for me.

But even if you don’t claim Christ as your Savior, the video link above should give anyone pause when considering lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis.  Every choice we make, good or bad, is a seed planted.  And have no doubt, those seeds, once planted, will come to fruition.  The only question is, what type of seeds are you planting most of?  That will determine the type of fruit produced in your health and well being as the years progress.  It never fails.

Remember, live well so you can LIVE WELL!

Until next time….Be Well!

Dr. Bruce


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