Resting Well

Take time this weekend to rest. It’s vital. You cannot be as healthy as you were genetically designed to be without appropriate rest.

Please note that I am not saying “sleep”. Sleep and rest can be, and often are, two different things. You can sleep, but not enter the deepest levels of rest where true repair occurs. And this is important to realize because it explains why someone can sleep a long time but still feel tired and run down. The whole reason we even feel “sleepy”, is that the guy who did the wiring on us made it so that we would have that sensation to let us know it’s time to power down, so that the body can have a chance to repair and recover from the abuse it has been through for 16 or so hours of living that we have put it through. Innate intelligence is really cool that way!

Innate intelligence is also why you feel like sleeping so much more when you happen to get sick. It realizes that you need extra rest to fight off the bug that has invaded your body. It helps to bolster your immune function so you can win that battle. Thus the opposite (not resting well) creates immune deficiency in your body.

So take time this weekend to rest, really rest. Your body needs it, and it’s part of the 4 pronged approach to wellness I teach: Eat well, move well, think well and rest well.

So this weekend, remember the 4 “R’s”: Rest, relax, renew and re-YOU!

Til next time…..Be Well!!

Dr. Bruce


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