The Magic Pill For Health

After spending about 25 years in the health and wellness business, I think I’ve seen just about everything in regards to products.  In the 90’s and early 2000’s I was approached with just about every possible “latest and greatest” health related product.  The claims for so many of these were outlandish, curing anything from an ingrown toenail to an obnoxious mother-in-law (I bought anything that had the latter claim……just kidding).  Many of these products were tied to a multilevel marketing company.  Many of these companies were start ups and that was their claim to fame:  “We’re a ground level opportunity”.  Most of them are gone today, or have morphed into something else after having bad press for one reason or another.

I still see new businesses come online even today with claims of being THE way to weight loss, health and well being etc.  Can I just say, there’s no ONE thing.  Period.  Yes, there are products that can help you lose weight fast.  But as soon as you stop taking said product (and you will stop, I guarantee), you gain the weight back.  And, beyond that, weight loss doesn’t equal health.  The extreme example of this would be an anorexic person, or a starving person in a third world country.  They may be thin, but they’re definitely not healthy.  Thin absolutely DOES NOT mean healthy.

There is no magic pill for health.  There’s no shortcut.  It’s a process.  If you’re unhealthy, it took time to get that way, it will take time to undo the negative effects of your choices.  And there’s the key word, choices.  Daily choices make or break us.  Sure, you can have an oreo cookie on occasion, indulge in pumpkin pie during the holidays.  But those DAILY choices we make create momentum, one way or another.  Everything you put in your mouth moves you either toward health and wellness, or sickness and death.  There’s no zero sum effect.  Remember, if what we eat can make us sick, what we eat can make us well.  And there’s more to optimum health than just eating and exercise, I’ll touch on some of those later.

For now, don’t pursue weight loss, pursue wellness.  Truth.

Until next time….Be well.

Dr. Bruce


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